Pink Light Rose Activation

I channeled this beautiful rose activation during a healing past life integration session in my Akashic Records. Ascended Masters Lady Nada and Mother Mary came to me and took me through me this activation.

Mother Mary stood behind me placing her hands lovingly on my shoulders and bathed me in a soft glowing pink light. She assured me that I was loved.

Lady Nada handed me the activation in a ball of glowing light. She showed me how to open up the energy and integrate into my heart space so that it could fully bloom into a beautiful pink rose that emanated the healing energy of unconditional love whenever I needed it.

The Pink Light Rose Activation is supposed to be shared with all who need to open up their heart chakra and move into a place of nurturing and self-love. I am offering this activation to you as a gift from the sacred feminine.

The Pink Light Rose Activation can help you

🌹 Integrate and Heal Past Life Karma

🌹 Open the Heart Space for Twin Flame Union

🌹 Mend Old Wounds from Past Relationships

🌹 Open Up Channels of Self-Love

🌹 Activate Empathy and Psychic Abilities